2013 Dividend Income Posted!

Hello beautiful people.  Hope you all had a good weekend.  I finally got around to posting a copy of my investment portfolio and my 2013 dividend income received to date (see nifty new page above!).

So far, my dividend portfolio is spread across 7 companies and 3 funds averaging a total return on investment of 10.43%.  This number has been fluctuating up and down pretty well recently with the market swings, but my dividend income is only increasing.  To date, I’ve made $76.01 in dividends on approximately an $8,000 investment which is better than my current savings account interest rates at both Barclay’s and Ally.  I’m projecting $120+ in total dividend earnings by the end of the year even if I don’t invest any more.

One of the exciting things about my fund is my investments in DLR and SNH, which are real estate trusts.  So even though I’m way too broke to invest in a home or condo of my own, my ownership in these funds means that I own shares in real estate and can be a part of the boom once real estate prices start climbing again.  DLR is a real estate trust that owns data centers and rents them out to tenants such as Verizon, Facebook, and AT&T.  SNH owns senior living properties, rehab hospitals, plus laboratory buildings.  It makes me significantly more diversified in real estate than I was last year (read $0).

I plan to update that page at least monthly, and hopefully we’ll continue to see my annual dividend income grow!  I’d love for this income to one day cover the cost of my monthly rent or mortgage, so I have a pretty long way to go.

By the way, I’m long on SNH, DLR, and all the other stocks shown on the “Dividend Income” tab and don’t have any plans to sell them in the next several months if not years if I chose them wisely!

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  1. That’s great–I love dividend income and hope to keep building my EFT portfolio in my Roth. It’s great to see how you are doing and what you plan for all those dividends!

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