August 2013 Goals Update

Happy August! It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through 2013 already, which has many of us doing a check-in on our yearly goals. In the IBWT house, we’ve been having a lot of money and career discussions.  These are some of the goals we’re working toward this month:

1. Financial Plan Update (08/01/13)

Instead of smashing the student loan debt, we’re going to put our savings towards the car loan debt. We won’t be able to eliminate it this month, but instead of $12,500+ to pay, we’ll only have a balance around $2,500 which will be highly motivational to finish it off early. Beyond just motivation, closing this loan early means an extra $276/mo to throw somewhere instead of only $67/mo if we finished the student loan first.

2.  Find a New Apartment

I love where we live because it’s walkable to everything we need, but the hubby and cats need a bigger place. We live in a ~700 sq ft, 1 bedroom apartment (which personally feels more than adequate) but the only windows look into another apartment, and our Bengal is getting a bit destructive from lack of stimulation. Plus after a frustrating lease renewal experience last year where we couldn’t negotiate our rent increase down to market rate, we’ve decided to take our patronage elsewhere rather thanfight the same fight again. Hubby is trying to get permanent work from home approved so we can move within biking distance of my office.

3. Negotiate Salary Increases

Two of my coworkers pulled me aside last year and let me know that I am being drastically underpaid for the work my company is getting from me.  I’ve been passive aggressive (and 100% honest) about my work hours by officially clocking all my overtime while my director sat on a backfill for my new direct supervisor for over a year. In that time, I’ve gained a significant amount of experience and may shoot for a 20% raise based on market demand for my degree and skill level. I have a salary negotiation course i previously purchased and need to review, so that’ my To Do this month.

Also, for those of you that might be on the same biweekly paycheck schedule as us, August is a 3 paycheck month! B and I were talking about our huge unexpected expense from last post and will plan to use our “extra” paychecks for this month to offset that debt so we can stay on our aggressive saving schedule.

How are you all doing on your goals? Any new ones this month?


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  1. great goals! cant wait to read about your progress!

  2. Good luck with the salary negotiation. Are you keeping your eyes open for other jobs in your field that might pay you better?

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