Did you catch the #RothIRAMovement?

Thanks to Jeff over at Good Financial Cents, the financial blogging world was on fire today with information on Roth IRAs!  I’ve been investing in a Roth for a couple years now and I’m still learning something new!  In case you missed it, here are a few posts about the #RothIRAMovement and how you and your loved ones can benefit from a Roth IRA:

Jeff Rose at Good Financial Cents started the movement when he found out college students at his alma mater didn’t know what Roth IRAs were.  Roths can offer the greatest benefit to young adults who are often in the lowest possible tax brackets, but so few young adults are thinking about retirement much less what investment vehicle options they have to get there

Ryan at My Military Wallet laid out the basics for us by letting the world know the difference between a Roth and other types of retirement accounts, eligibility and contribution limits, and how military members with tax-free income can still contribute to Roths through the HERO Act.  (How cool is that!?)

Madison at My Dollar Plan shared 11 Unusual Roth IRA strategies for contributing more than the annual limit, paying less tax on IRA conversions, and funding Roth IRA accounts on behalf of your children.

Brent from The Oregonian wrote about using Roth IRAs more like a savings vehicle (… think emergency fund or college savings account…) since the contributions can be withdrawn penalty free.

I spread the word on Twitter and LinkedIN but the discussion really got going on Facebook!  How did your networks respond to the movement?  Did you learn anything new?