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A few short weeks ago, Mr. Budget and I came back from a fabulous vacation to Mexico where our closest friends and family joined us for our wedding.  We chose to have a destination wedding in beautiful Playa Del Carmen because we thought it would be much more fun and affordable (for us), and I think both parts of that turned out to be true!  While we didn’t actually stick to a budget (so bad!), I did track our savings plan and expenses, and we were able to pay for the entire event in cash.

I’m still in a state of “de-compressing” from all the stress of planning a wedding around a full-time career and other weddings, but I’ve been realizing that my finances (and this blog!) need to take on a new direction.


Over the next few weeks, Mr. Budget and I need evolve our individual financial plans into our married financial plan.  So far, this has been significantly more difficult than I think it should be.  He from no financial plan to me who wants to know everything about everything.  Also, last year I started dabbling in in dividend growth investing as a passive income stream with some success!  It’s a direction I want to keep pursuing in my finances and I hope to talk a little more about my new financial goals and my dividend portfolio here.


When I started this blog in early 2012, my tagline was “Financial Advice for the Millenial Generation”.  As a millenial who had learned to pay off debt early, build an emergency fund, and begin retirement savings in both a Roth and a 4o1(k), I thought I had a lot to share!  Plus I intended to write for my sisters, and then never really told them about this blog.  (They know now.)   In that process, I learned two things: (1) I don’t have as much to advice to give as I thought I did, (2) everything I want to share seems to have been discussed 10x over by other financial bloggers.  Consequently, I’d like to start blogging more intimately about how I’m personally managing and growing our newlywed finances and maybe link to or offer guest posts from the experts.  Is that lazy?  It sounds a little lazy… I’m still de-compressing from the wedding so there’s my excuse.

It’s been several months since my last post, so if anyone has been wondering what I’ve been up to or where my wedding photos are, send me a note!  Would love to hear what all of you have been up to as well.


G.B. (Girl on a Budget)

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  1. I like when PF blogs take on a more personal tone too because the internet just gets cluttered with the same advice. It’s always more interesting to see how someone is “living and breathing” personal finance. Congrats on your wedding!!

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