September 2013 Goals Update

Pumpkin spice lattes are back, figs are in season at the farmers’ market, and Victoria’s Secret says I’ve leveled up in their new product line!  All in all, I’d say life is pretty good! I’m even happy to forgive that I worked 6:30am to 8:30pm at my day job today and that my PSL extra shot light whip cost over $5 this morning.  Seriously, every time I draft a post to this blog, I get a crazy day like that.

Most of my weeks in August looked like the schedule above so I’m also happy to report that my overtime looked pretty good, too. Good enough that we were able to make a huge dent in B’s outstanding debt, and at least some forward progress towards our goals.

1.  Financial Plan Update (9/5/2013 + $11.3K debt payment!)

As reported in August, B was finally persuaded that we should pay off his car debt first.  Not only would a smaller total on his car loan be a boost for us, but the interest rate and monthly payments on this loan are both higher than his other one.  We opted to put all of the money left over in our “Wedding Savings Fund” (plus some extra) for a whopping $11,300 payment!  I can’t even believe that is written on this page.  That leaves only $1,058.59 left to pay on this loan… which is totally manageable :)

2.  Find a New Apartment (Success! Almost…)

Via a good friend, I got a lead that one of my co-workers is looking for new tenants.  He owns a townhouse a hair over 5 miles from my office, and said we’re #1 on his list when his current tenants vacate.  The tenants will move out mid-to-late September which is inline with when our lease ends here.  While I generally dislike biking for exercise, I can’t resist the challenge of biking to work like a true Mustachian.  This townhouse also hits everything on B’s list of necessities: (1) 2nd bedroom, (2) more storage space, (3) stairs for the cats.

B and I are actually at odds (again) about appropriately sized living residences.  Personally, I’d like to try living in a studio on the beach while he is ready to buy a nice house with a huge yard.  We meet in the middle that the cats necessitate more space as our Bengal seems to be going out of his mind in our little one bedroom abode.  As for B commuting into L.A. to work, he never officially got approval to work from home.  Unofficially, his boss told him “I’ll never ask where you’re working from today”, so we’re taking a gamble and turning him into a work-from-home man.  Is that  how you would read it, too?

3.  Negotiate Salary Increases (Umm… in progress?)

I didn’t complete the Ramit Sethi Salary Negotiation course that I’d be intending to do. It’s been sitting in my inbox since this time exactly one year ago.  I did however ask my supervisor if I could set up a meeting to discuss a salary adjustment with her.  It was super, incredibly awkward, especially when she said, “Sure, I have no qualms talking about it.”  I felt weird… so I broke the tension by saying I was sorry to spring it on her since she’s a brand new supervisor and all, and that I’d intended to propose this to her boss last year.  She laughed and said she needs to ask him how to handle this as she’s never done a negotiation before, so I’m hopeful that with (a) this overtime, (b) a co-worker about to go on leave, and (c) an open headcount at the office will persuade the team I’m worth 20% more than what they’re paying me.

In September, I hope to make time for the salary negotiation and not let it drop off the radar.  I also have a few personal projects in progress that I’m hoping to make headway on as well.

How did you do on your August goals?  Any new missions or projects for September?

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  1. Congrats on the debt repayment!!! That’s a huge number! So where in LA would the new place be? I would take it that he was saying it’s a don’t ask don’t tell policy and go for it!

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