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Would you do this if it meant you could retire early?

Last weekend, we threw a going away party for our friend who decided to move back home to Costa Rica.  Even though we only knew him for a few months, we’d become really close and we were sad to see him go.  He’s also leaving behind the person he’s dating– which was shocking to everyone — but they have a tentative plan for the future.  If things are still going well after a year of long distance dating, they’re both moving to Buenos Aires.

My jaw dropped.  Buenos Aires?  Neither of them has family or friends there so it would be purely for fun and adventure.  That sounded really  random… until I actually sat down to research it.  After a financial meltdown in 2001, trendy and European-esque Buenos Aires suddenly became really affordable.  The culture and strong US Dollar (and Euro even) incentivized a large number of Americans to cash in their investments and move there as retirees.  Now, Buenos Aires is home to a large and very concentrated American expat population with growing numbers of young and middle-aged citizens flocking there to live life in the upper 1%.  Not a bad plan for my Costa Rican friend!

After happening across this New York Magazine article (circa 2006 so don’t quit your day job just yet), my mind was swirling with all sorts of questions.  Basically, a 31-year-old former Wall Streeter quit his day job to live in the lap of luxury with a new career of “scouting beautiful talent”, and a 32-year-old doctor was planning his move out there to retire as well.  Ridiculous!  So it begs the question:  “If you knew you could retire early and still live the rest of your days like royalty albeit in a foreign country, would you do it?”  Or what about, “If you were able to quit your career and pursue any interest or profession you wanted without worrying about money, but you had to live in a foreign country, would you do it?

It’s hard for me to pick an answer on this, but I think I would be brave enough to try it out for a few years!  This would be the financial freedom that most of us are looking for.  The hard part would be leaving aging parents or your own children behind .

What do you think?  Would you give it a shot?  Be honest :)

Wedding Decisions for the Budget-Minded

I’ve written before that I’m solely responsible for paying for my wedding.  (The fiance is currently paying down debt so we can enter the marriage completely debt-free.)  Unfortunately for us, I’m not loaded with cash, inheritances, or incoming financial gifts of any sort.  So what’s a girl to do?  Here are some of the options I considered:

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